Introducing the Spinner M.A.D. Mini Series with 50% smaller mini spinners! Ready for the real spinner battle with the most powerful spinner, launching 6 mini spinners from a blaster!

Choose Hexa Blaster with 6 Mini Spinners and be a fighter!

Suitable for age 5+ years

Key Selling Points:

  • Super powerful spinner! Max. 10,000 rpm!
  • 50% smaller spinners comparing to standard Spinner M.A.D. series
  • Metal body with real powerful clashing sound
  • Loading 3 Mini Spinners in 1 Blaster!
  • Blaster with spinner spinning in clockwise direction
  • Vroom! keep pumping for max. power!
  • Pow! launch the spinner like a rocket!

Clink! when 2 mini spinners collide

Where to buy


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